We’re Lee Broekman and Alison Ivy Seligson ~
experiential educators with expertise in finance and communication and founders of The New Money School. We educate, coach, and talk with parents and young people about money.

We think money is awesome because it can make great things happen. We also know that it’s one of the leading causes of stress, divorce, chaos, and closets filled with stuff you can’t remember why you bought.

Our partnership started several years ago when we met at the Coaches Training Institute. We both had solid day jobs – Alison was the Chief Financial Officer at Backyard Productions and Lee was teaching communication courses at USC. As part-time executive coaches, helping people achieve professional and personal success, we’ve kept in touch over the years.

In 2011, Alison left the corporate world to pursue her desire to see a grand shift in financial education for young people. She began teaching personal money management to teens at The Boys and Girls Club of Venice. She also led a money management seminar to high school students who were studying careers in healthcare at Kaiser Permanente. Lee, who at the time began her doctoral studies in education and curriculum design, worked with Alison to create a meaningful, dynamic and fun money training program. The interactive seminar was a huge success. The students had a blast while learning tools to prepare for their financial lives. And we have since decided to merge our expertise in communication, finance, education and coaching to teach parents and teens about money.

As a mom of 3, and a teacher to countless college students, Lee knows that young people need to understand how money works and can work for them in order to achieve their goals and dreams. As a teacher, mentor and aunt, Alison is able to put her CFO/MBA training to good use by demystifying money to parents and teens.

We founded The New Money School in 2012 to create purposeful and practical money lessons for parents, who can be positive and powerful guides for their kids’ thriving financial futures.